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Пол Ред Смит: Гитарный мастер и музыкант

Пол Ред Смит: Гитарный мастер и музыкант
09 фев 2017

Most people familiar with Paul Reed Smith would first describe him as a guitar maker. However, behind-the-scenes, Paul is an avid songwriter, recording enthusiast, and leader of a band.

Today, Paul’s band is releasing their latest album, Time To Testify. The album is being released on Steve Vai’s Favored Nations Label. 

Пол Ред Смит: Гитарный мастер и музыкант

We sat down to interview Paul and learn more about his work as a musician.


Early on, what led you to the guitar, why not a drum kit or the keys?

Paul: Oh I fell in love with guitar, I never thought twice about it. It started when my bother took me to a record store and showed me a unique looking album with a guy with two eyes on his shirt, he said, “these guys are going to be huge.” We bought it and later that day my brother left the house and I couldn’t wait and opened it without him. By the time “Are You Experienced” came on, that’s it, I was hooked.

Пол Ред Смит: Гитарный мастер и музыкант

I loved listening to the guitar parts on all sorts of albums: James Brown, The Allman Bros Live at The Fillmore, Humble Pie Live at The Fillmore, every Jeff Beck album I could get my hands on. Led Zeppelin too, I was eating it all up.

A lot of people played guitar to get a girlfriend, I played it because I just loved it.

What style of music do you and your bandmates play - what would you say influenced that?

Paul: We call it “Chesapeake Gumbo” - it’s a combo of a lot of things: funk / rock / blues / r&b / cajun swing / go-go / reggae and baltimore inspired bad-to-the-bone grooves. All of the band members’ prior experience led to it - it was just natural.